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I travel all over with my drone, the latest and best available. I find great spots on our little awesome planet, and there I fly my drone taking amazing 4K resolution video footage. Later, back to my SkyCam Studio, the drone footage is processed. The results are tens (and counting...) of cool video clips of 2K/4K resolution. The final videos are available for you to watch and enjoy - here in my Gallery.

Safety and Privacy: I fly my drone with strict adherence to local regulations of each country I visit. In places where drone usage is not regulated by law, or where drone regulations are not available online for tourists, I do not fly over crowds, near airports and other restricted installations. I also respect privacy and personal safety, and so I don't fly in physical proximity of people.


Fly Drone + shoot video


Select + cut footage


combine + add sound



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Michael Sivan
Michael Sivan