SkyCam Studio

We fly remote controlled state-of-the-art drones equipped with advanced 4K resolution video-cameras. Each drone is capable of flying well over 20 minutes (on one battery), to a distance of 3 miles (5 km) and up to an altitude of 1500ft (500m). 

The aerial raw video footage we process in our own studio to amazing videos clips.

We use the latest software version of the most advanced video editing software, on computers equipped with the latest CPU and with the most powerful graphical processors.


We offer the following services

Travel and Nature Drone videos capture nature at its best from angles never seen before.
Personal Videos Celebrating a wedding outdoor (or any other event)? A video by a drone from above and all around – has a great effect. To remember and to share.
Resort Promotion For the resort’s own website to promote itself and for travel websites (e.g. TripAdvisor, etc.)
Real Estate Promotion Drone aerial view of a house and its surroundings greatly helps promote sales.
Community Service Top view from a drone is priceless in emergencies – search & rescue operations, fire control, traffic control, etc.


More Studio Services

We also offer other photo /video studio services, such as conversion of conventional photo albums into dynamic slideshow-videos (see example HERE) and more.

You need anything else? Simply CONTACT us and tell us your wish. 


Safety and Privacy:

We fly our drone with strict adherence to local safety and privacy laws. In places where drone usage is not regulated by law, we do not fly near airports or other restricted areas. We also do not invade on the privacy of people.



Leading in Aerial Videography