A very large and beautiful country, with amazing wonders of nature. Traveling to these places to fly a drone and make videos is an awesome experience. Words simply can’t describe the feeling of seeing the infinite grasslands of Inner Mongolia, mountainous pillars of Zhang Jia Jie, emerald ponds of Jiu Zhai Gou, dunes of Ningxia, snow patched canyons of Gansu, and so much more…!


Characterized by spectacular landscapes, charming natural scenery and diverse ethnic customs.


In Hunan province, a large park with unique landscapes that inspired the creators of the movie Avatar, Zhang Jia Jie is a sight to behold!

Enjoy a unique aerial tour over and through the famous mountainous pillars.


In Sichuan, at high altitudes, emerald pools, waterfalls and beautiful plants – these high altitude locations are not easy to reach but well worth the journey!

Ningxia & Gansu

In Ningxia, the smallest province in China, the Yellow River runs through the town of Zhong Wei. A colossal sand dune also separates the town from the enormous Tenggeli desert, which extends hundreds of kilometer into the Gobi desert.

In Gansu, unknown to most, lies Ping Shan Hu. Recently opened and undiscovered (yet) geopark. Breathtaking views of canyons, snow patches on slopes hidden from the sun, lights and shadows. A true MUST place to visit in China.

Inner Mongolia

Vast flat grasslands with snaking rivers bordering Russia and Mongolia.